Start Potty Training in 3 Days Review

Start Potty Training Potty Training in 3 Days is a guide and product that helps you and your child learn to use the potty or the toilet in as little as 3 days. The tips you find in it have been designed by a grandmother who wanted to help her daughter with potty training. She has tested it, and parents who have used her advice have tested this method of potty training in 3 days, and they all seem to be pleased with its results.

So what is the Potty Training in 3 Days program all about?

So you have heard about Carol Cline’s product, Start Potty Training: Potty Train in 3 Days and wanted to find an honest review of the product to help decide if you should purchase. Well you came to the right place. Here is a quick review of the product . The main Potty Train in 3 Days guide is around 135 pages with 17 full chapters discussing everything from start to finish potty training. See excerpt table of contents here.

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The program is geared towards parents/grandparents of young children and pre-school operators. The product goes into great details on how 3 day potty training is realistic. A large portion of the product is preparing you for the day when your child is ready to get away from the diapers for good. Check out the table of contents!


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What I find particularly GOOD features about the Potty Train in 3 Days Program?

  • The book is extremely detailed.most all of my questions were addressed throughout the book as it breaks everything down in separate sections for potty training for girls, boys, multiple children and even older children still needing to potty train…Start Potty Training Review Detailed look
  • You get free potty reward charts to download. And they come in a variety of themes so your child is bound to love one or more of them. the variety of available themes range from Batman, Cars, Dora, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princess and Thomas the train
  • Comes with a quick start video and audio program, this lets you get a quick start and instant motivation to follow the program….Potty Training in 3 Days download page
  • Book full of questions and answers is available for purchase. I have detailed Potty Training Questions and Answers overview in an additional post…Potty Training in 3 Days download page_2
  • I received a unique Potty Training cookbook with my purchase. I did not even think about the importance of that product until I read through it. Check out the Potty Training Cookbook post for detailed ‘insider’ info…
  • There is a full DVD program available to purchase with the main guide as well so you can have the full multimedia experience to help walk you through the Start Potty Training Guide…

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What I find particularly BAD features about the Potty Train in 3 Days Program?

  • I would like to see a wall chart and checklist to ensure preparations are complete. I think this would give that extra something. One is available but only with the upgrade purchase.
  • You are going to have to set serious time aside for your child. constant interaction is the only way to avoid potty mistakes…
  • I would love to see the videos available with the regular purchase. while it is available for this product is is only available as an add-on to the main product.
  • Another thing I would of improved on is the style of learning. It is completely the writers style and You must adapt that to your parenting and social style of living.


Overall what do you think of Start Potty Training in 3 days program?

So what is the overall review of Carol Cline’s product,  I think this product does have areas in which it could improve. One being the parenting style, which is something to adjust to match your own. Most other shortcomings are covered by the programs ‘add-ons’ or upgrades but that means the price tag is a bit larger to cover the expanded program. Overall I would say that I am very happy with my purchase and would endorse this product if you are ready to start potty training. I always do my best to write unbiased reports and reviews for all my product reviews. I think this site is no different in that aspect. I hope that you have found this Start Potty Training Review. A lot of value added content has been presented here.


Here is the link when you are ready to pick up your copy of Carol Cline’s Start Potty Training: Potty Training in 3 Days


If you are looking for more detailed information on different aspects of the start potty training review then check out the links below:

Potty Training Cookbook overview

Potty Training Question and Answer book

Potty Training Charts


Get your Copy Of Potty Training in 3 Days Here

Potty Training Charts

Potty Training Reward Charts that will catch and hold your child’s attention. Start Potty Training Program by Carol Cline has taken care of that, there are a wide variety of Potty Training Reward Charts.

potty training rewards charts

The selection of Potty Training Reward Charts  have a large selection of option including Batman, Cars, Dora, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princess and Thomas the train


Get your Copy Of Potty Training in 3 Days Here




Click Here For Free Access To An Interview With World Renowned Potty Training Expert Carol Cline.

Potty Training Cookbook

Start Potty Training Cookbook cover
Start Potty Training Cookbook

Lets Take a look at the Potty Training Cookbook that was part of the upgrade package I purchased. Ill be honest, I never thought about working the diet while potty training. but after reviewing the cookbook, which I will share parts of, I was blown away that Carol would even think about putting out extra value in the Potty Training Cookbook.




potty training cookbook first page
Start Potty Training Cookbook


Here is the front cover of the Start Potty Training Cookbook, and the first page. I want to ensure that you know this is an unbiased review from a buyer of the program, but I cannot share the entire book with you.





The one thing I have to share with you is the Start Potty Training Cookbook: Mac and Cheese With Sun Dried Tomatoes

Try the Macaroni and Cheese and grab your copy of the Start Potty Training Cookbook along with the Potty Training in 3 Days Manual

Potty Training – When To Start

Potty training is usually a topic that makes new parents groan.

They worry about the mess, the unending pile of laundry, the lovely sofa that will turn unusable afterwards. How long will it take? Will they cause grief to their child if they don’t do it at the right age or in the right way?

Start Potty Training Review

There would be no need to share potty training tips with you if the majority of children today knew how to use the potty in the same way they learned how to walk. Unfortunately I’ve noticed that more children are in diapers until an older age than ever before. I used to think it was unavoidable now that we parents juggle, but I found that many mothers are unaware that children can learn to use the potty before they are enrolled in daycare or nursery.

Many questions arise when a potty-training method is proposed.

On one end is the “leave-them-alone-they-learn-eventually” crowd. Most likely they are convinced they don’t have to ask any questions.

But for those who know there must be some sense to learning what was good for our parents and grandparents, the queries are usually:

“When is the right age to start?”
“What if my child is so stubborn?” “…shows he’s really not interested?”
“What if I’ve already tried several methods but failed?”
“What if I don’t have the time, can someone else in my family substitute?”
“Will it be any use to train my child who is much older than 2 years?”

The answer is yes, the potty-training method can be learned by children regardless of age.

So most likely you are in this phase:

  • Your son or daughter is less than 2 years old and you want to get a head-start on potty training. You want to be proactive to make sure you do things right;

  • Your son or daughter is between 2-3 years of age. They might be showing readiness signs for potty training. You want to get some advice to help your child move along the process and keep them on course;

  • Your son or daughter is closer to 4 years of age or older. They might be starting daycare, or kindergarten or preschool and you’re worried they might not be acceppted. You are anxious that teachers will think your child is behind. You are in a panic and need immediate help to prepare;

  • You have just about given up. Everything you try simply just does not work. Your son or daughter fights you about nearly everything. They simply refuse to cooperate with you and scream at the very thought of going to the potty.



Potty training doesn’t have to be a dread or a drudge.

This phase is as much, if not more, of a growing time for us as parents, as it is for our children.


Potty Training Tips

Start Potty Training Tips

A lot of the parents look forward to the day they can get rid of the diapers and put the money somewhere else in their budget, but standing in the way is the nightmare of potty training. Potty training can become very frustrating for parents so I thought I would write this post to give you some tips for when you start potty training your young child.

Start Potty Training Review

Here are three potty training tips that can help your child maximize his success.


1. Prepare for your adventure

      • Get a potty chair. Many children feel more secure starting with one that sits on the floor rather than one that sit on top of the toilet. Gives them more security when feet are on the floor rather than hanging down from big toilet
      • Let your child get comfortable with the potty chair being around. It doesn’t have to be in the bathroom; you could keep it in a corner of your playroom. Ease of access is important in the beginning.
      • Let your child explore the potty chair and become familiar with it. Let him know that it’s special and it’s just for him.


2. Learning what to expect and how to handle new responsibility

      • Have your child practice sitting on the potty with her clothes on once or twice a day. Let her get up whenever she wants. Your goal is to help her become comfortable with it.
      • Praise your child for each step, even the ones that aren’t completely successful. Stay upbeat. Remember that this is her accomplishment, not yours.
      • Look for signs that your child needs to urinate or move her bowels. Some children will tell you in so many words. Others will grimace or grunt or get into a particular position. When that happens, ask her if she needs to go.
      • Keep your child in easy to remove clothing, such as pants that she can simply pull down without having to unbutton anything, or a dress or skirt. That increases the likelihood of success.
      • Share what you’re doing and how you’re doing it with the other caregivers in your child’s life, such as babysitters and grandparents. That way your child will have consistent expectations and support, which will make things easier.
      • Never leave your child in wet or soiled diapers as a way of “training” her. That only makes matters worse.


3. Reinforcement is a key to success

      • Give your child lots of praise at each stage of learning. It’s also a good idea to praise him whenever he tells you he has to use the potty, even if you’ve just asked him the question.
      • Expect him to make mistakes, especially in the beginning. Don’t get angry; that will just make things take longer. If he resists trying something new, it probably means he’s not ready yet.
      • Remember that some young children are frightened by the sound and actions of a flushing toilet. If he’s bothered by it, don’t force him to flush; do it after he leaves the room. That fear usually goes away in a few months.

Hopefully you have found these potty training tips useful and you start on your journey. Be consistent with preparation, learning and reinforcement, and you will be surprised how soon you will get rid of those diapers for good!